Web hosting companies often market their services in a largely generic manner. Every client receives all of the services for a set fee, even a client who is just a single individual maintaining a personal website. A few extras are available too. Small businesses do not need the same kind of reporting tools as the larger ones do. Large companies have special requirements and often look for exclusive features.

This is where it pays to shop around for a web host. The best web hosting companies for a wide range of clients divide their services into categories. For instance, at Arvixe there are five, which are split again within each class. They sell Personal, Business, Reseller, VPS and best cheap dedicated server classes of web hosting. All of these share certain features like backup, technical support, free domain names forever, and so on. There are differences, however, which clients will have to pay for.

The best web hosting for an individual, family or small business does not necessarily provide countless domain names. Up to five or six will be just fine for the small firm or family. While accessing data online is simple, data transfers on a monthly basis help to keep a system organized and tidy. Personal clients and very small firms have access at Arvixe to limitless numbers of secure POP3 and IMAP email boxes. They can also plug into webmail such as Squirrelmail and RoundCube.

Medium-sized businesses want more. They often rely on statistics provided by certain websites to account holders only. This means they are not available for free to just anyone off the street. Handy types of statistics include information about online search trends.

Many businesses in the higher classes are keen to use auto response tools, mailing lists, forwarding, filtering and Flash programs. All clients want their systems monitored and to enjoy guaranteed uptime of as close to 100% as is realistically possible.

The Reseller class is an unusual service. For a fee close to that of Business clients (around $20 per month), customers can learn to become web hosts themselves. They learn how to offer WordPress, Joomla, Adobe GoLive and Dreamweaver. They gain knowledge about building websites or enabling customers to build their own sites easily. Webinars cover data transfer, technical support and more. Clearly web hosting is a marketing service of the present and the future, one which is growing and changing enough for a service provider to see no threat in training others to offer the same packages.

The highest level of service is one which the client designs for himself or herself. This is where an individual or company arranges for all of the features that will be useful and does away with those which are just more computer clutter. The best cheap vps hosting firms are flexible enough to find a way to make these clients happy, but they also charge a price for the privilege. Anyone this fussy, however, is unlikely to mind paying more to buy an exclusive, custom designed package.

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  1. Its really sad that I have many issues with arvixe. Specifically my business emails do not work 3 times in last 6 month.

    • Overall RatingPriceUptime & ReliabilityFeaturesSupportBandwithHi,

      We are sorry that you had issues with Arvixe service. As there are no particulars in this post we can’t speak for what happened. We encourage the customer to reach out to QA [@] so we can assist with any issues.

      Our QA team and monitoring team is 24/7. If there are ever any issues we are here to make sure that they are fixed right away. Can you please e-mail your information to QA [@] and we will be able to assist you with any issue you have/had.

      Thank you.

  2. Overall RatingPriceUptime & ReliabilityFeaturesSupportBandwithAfter reading this review I went to use their service and so far I don’t have any regret and is by fat the best from the hosting services I have use.

  3. Overall RatingPriceUptime & ReliabilityFeaturesSupportBandwithI have been using Arvixe services for a while and they have a great service there are more cheaper web hosting but the quality is not the same as what Arvixe offers.

  4. Overall RatingPriceUptime & ReliabilityFeaturesSupportBandwithTerrible services. The server is very slow and most of the time under attack.

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