There is no need for a firm or an individual to host a website. Many companies do this for clients around the world, supplying technical backup to their clients. This way, a company can focus on doing what it does best, whether that is providing alternative health services, selling window blinds, or promoting a non-profit organization. While using the worldwide web for posting information and communication is green in many ways, reducing paper waste for instance, the best web hosting firm is the one that does all it can to reduce its impact on the environment. Green Geeks is as green as its name.


For one thing, customers get the usual lack of paper by conducting business online. Furthermore, the Green Geeks offices are powered by wind turbines, making their Los Angeles facility carbon neutral. Finally, since web hosting companies work over the internet, they can operate internationally without anyone having to board a plane or even drive anywhere. This is an important element whenever one is trying to limit the environmental impact of business practices. Green Geeks, host to clients in well over a hundred countries, is affiliated with a variety of environmental and health organizations proving its commitment to reducing waste and emissions.


The best web hosting establishments provide all of their services without expecting clients to sign a long term contract. You should never be tied into a contract if you can avoid it. Although fees might seem to be lowered in exchange for this loyalty, if you encounter insurmountable problems with a firm, the costs could grow as you fail to attract clients. Many establishments charge monthly fees without extras, fees which entitle customers to technical support all day, every day. Systems at Green Geeks are backed up during the night, every night. Their uptime amounts to almost 100%. Clients can feel secure that their websites will be operational each morning when they start the working day.


A number of features are provided by this company, many of them at no extra cost. Get a free domain name, marketing credits, and site building all as part of your rates. Site building is a big, complicated job for company owners who do not have experience with that sort of thing. Leave the task to a professional who has built many sites before and can help the client create one that is attention grabbing and easy to use.


There is also a notable lack of limits at Green Geeks: no boundaries to bandwidth, web space, domains or email accounts. If anything, the average client might struggle to use an account with the best web hosting company to its full advantage, and this will surely be the case here where the options are varied and comprehensive.


Other available features include programming for PHP languages and CGI. Get WordPress or Joomla installed automatically. Enjoy many other site management features without having to approach a different web host. Streamline your operations by looking after all of your web-based needs on one place.

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